Fork to Farmer Films Feature Western NC Pivots

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Two people walking on a farm

One of the hottest new terms and trends of the COVID-19 era is the “Pandemic Pivot.” Of necessity, people and businesses are stopping what they did before, re-examining their lives or business balance sheets, and imagining a different future both during and after this global nightmare. The Pandemic Pivot is especially true for retailers, including restaurateurs and farmers. The Fork to Farmer team at NC State Extension is proud to share two films that show the innovation and resiliency of farmers and local food vendors who pivoted quickly to stave off financial ruin and other loss in 2020. These films were made in partnership with EmPOWERing Mountain Food Systems. The Jackson County Fork to Farmer film features Guadalupe Cafe’s partnership with the Worley Farm of Haywood County. The Macon County film rewrites the story of Yonder who, despite its restaurant closure, continues to sell produce and other local food through a new retail outlet.

One year remains on our Fork to Farmer project, and we’re hoping to create at least ten more films that demonstrate the intimate relationships between farm to table chefs and the farmers who supply them. Please check out the Fork to Farmer web site or email Becky Bowen at for more information.