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Application Guide

Fork to Farmer partners with county tourism divisions and Extension offices to produce short videos about well-known farm to table chefs and the small family farmers that supply their restaurants.

Governmental, non-governmental, non-profit and educational institutions are welcome to apply.

Private or public for-profit institutions/individuals will be considered, provided that their involvement in this project will constitute a Social Business venture.


  • Fork to Farmer accepts applications on a rolling basis, but we have a limited number of partners we can support each year.
  • Aspiring partners are encouraged to contact Fork to Farmer project manager Becky Bowen ( ) well in advance of application due dates to share their intent to apply.
  • Applications should be submitted by March 15th and September 15th each year. Additional applicants will be considered until the target number of yearly partnerships is reached.
  • Aspiring partners can expect a response on the status of their application within two weeks after the submission deadline.
  • Films must be completed within 6 months after a proposal is accepted. Tangible efforts to develop and energize a local network of small farmers interested in offering hands-on farm experiences on a by-reservation basis will be expected.


  • 40% Alignment of nominated partners, chef, and small farmers with Fork to Farmer goals.
  • The proposal should list at least 1 chef/restaurateur and 1 small scale farmer.
  • 10 small farmers interested in the project, and two supporting organizations. Their backgrounds and the nature of their relationship should be outlined. Proposals including farmers with vulnerable livelihoods will be preferred.
  • 30% Sustainability of the development plan. The proposal should delineate a strategy for the sustained development of the county partnership beyond the scope of the initial joint efforts to produce the film. It should delineate a feasible plan for the continued coaching of small farmers, and their integration in the region’s local foods tourism strategy.
  • 30% Proposal clarity. The proposed role of the aspiring Partner to building and sustaining a county partnership should be explained. The aspiring Partner should specify how the mission of the organization(s) matches the goals of Fork to Farmer.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Use the enclosed Application Template to collect information about supporting applicants,the local chef and the network of small farmers,
  2. Use the online Application to officially submit application,
  3. Fork to Farmer project team will follow up with every applicant shortly after receiving submission to communicate our decision


Once an application has been accepted, partners will choose a videographer to complete the project, which once completed, will be curated by the Fork to Farmer team. Be sure to have the videographer review several of the Fork to Farmer videos to understand the desired thematic content and branding guidelines.

Aspiring partners are encouraged to contact Fork to Farmer project manager Becky Bowen ( ) well in advance of application due dates to share their intent to apply.

This initiative is led by a team of NC State Cooperative Extension economic development, local food, and tourism specialists.